Agios Antonios

Journey on foot to the little Church of Agios Antonios, approximately a 2 hour walk east of Sougia.

Profitis Ilias

Walk up the path leading to the Chapel of Profitis Ilias, 400 metres above sea level and join the festival on the 19th of July. The view is breathtaking and not to be missed.


Agia Irini

A Byzantine church with cruciform architecture and remarkable wall murals. The trip is lengthy, but worth the travelers while. The scenery is so picturesque that it is a popular location for wedding ceremonies. Every year on the 5th of May there is a festival celebrating Agia Irini where many culinary delights of Crete can be enjoyed.

Agios Panteleimon

Agios Panteleimon is the main church in Sougia and it is built on the ruins of an ancient temple. Some of these ruins can still be seen in the courtyard of the church. It has a wonderful mosaic floor with lively, skilful images drawn from nature (flowers, peacocks). On the feast day of Agio Panteleimon (July 27th), a festival will follow the church service with traditional food to be enjoyed.


Ancient Elyros

Visit the ancient city of Elyros near the village Rodovani. A very important and powerful ancient city with its own currency located south of the Chania region. Ancient ruins can be found in Kefalas Hill.

Agia Irini Gorge

Discover the gorge of Agia Irini by foot. The morning bus transports visitors to the village Agia Irini within half an hour. Here begins the excursion through the lush green gorge that will take you to Sougia. The terrain is not difficult and can be completed within 4 hours.


Samaria Gorge

Hike the grand gorge of Samaria. This gorge is one of the most sought after attractions in Crete. Thousands of visitors seek to hike this 16.7 Km trail from Omalo to Agia Roumeli. At the imposing doors (Iron doors) comes the narrowest point of the trail with a width of 3 meters and height of 100 meters. This part of the trail is considered the most spectacular. Caution should be exercised during the morning and evening hours (and at all times throughout the winter season) due to the possibility of falling rocks, which can occur due to temperature changes and passing of Kri Kri (Cretan goats). At the completion of the hike you can take the boat back to Sougia.


A two hour journey along the pathway from Sougia will lead to the ancient city of Lissos, the second biggest port of Elyros. Alternatively transportation by boat is also available to travel to Lissos from Sougia. Lissos was famous for its asclepion and the thermal baths. The asclepion with its exceptional mosaic floors are in still in existence today. The necropolis of Lissos with the vaulted graves remain in very good condition. In this area can be found the Byzantine church of Agios Kirikos.

The church celebrates on July 15th with the festivities commencing the prior evening and lasting through the night. In Lissos can also be found the church of Panagia which structure has been built with pieces of ancient classical columns.